In case you didn’t know

if you see this post then you’re the real og, because I didn’t even share this on my social media. Videos are scary to share! But I have filmed a lot of clips during this first month in Tampere (where I currently live) and I thought it would be a shame to not do anything with them.

So this was filmed in May, when I didn’t know a-ny-thing about where my life was heading so the info is a bit outdated if you’ve been talking to me or following me elsewhere. But if you haven’t, I guess this is a good, brief introduction to my current life situation.
I could go on for ages about what could’ve been done better in the making of this video, but I’ll try to keep my mouth shut since nobody’s perfect!!!! And that was one of the key things about this blog: to be able to create freely and let the authentic, raw and awkward bits be part of the process as well.

In general, Youtube is a platform that I’m really curious about, I’ve watched videos actively since like 2011 so I’m really familiar to it in that way. It’s just another story to be on the other side. Again – scary, but why not give it a go? Maybe, hopefully I’ll learn a thing or two about editing, I mean look at all of those funny jumps….heh.

I’ve already stared editing the next part, which is a about my first week here. Time will tell if it ever makes it’s way here.

Have a good weekend!
<3, Laura