“Combine your perfectionism with a dash of laziness and 2 freaking litres of overthinking”

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I am a hopeless case when it comes to finishing anything. This blog has been a prime example of that. Even when I consciously make a decision to keep things simple and NOT overthink, it doesn’t seem to work.I’m a good team worker, and I always take responsibility when there’s other people involved. But as soon it’s me alone, it’s most likely a mess. I either need a well structured plan, a deadline, a random strike of inspiration, or someone to watch over me. I really admire people who can calmly focus on one thing at a time, adapt and get things done.
I mean, who knows where I’d be today if I would’ve finished all of art projects and stuck with doing yoga every night before bed?

No planning went into this post. (THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD BEEEE, stop making it so difficult!) But in my head I’ve been planning some posts on a seriously detailed level, to a point where it becomes a task and requires too much for me to want to get started. Perfection really does kill creativity…so many drafts and notes without any outcome. I still think about blogging and vlogging and drawing every single day, but no one will ever have a clue if I stay this way. What are ideas worth if you don’t use them for anything? 😀




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