I’m Laura, hi! I don’t have a fancy title, but what I know is that I really like creating, making things, sharing things, tossing around ideas, developing as person, making people laugh, spreading positivity. I study media in one city and work as trainee in visual design in another. On top of that I doodle and scribble all over the place.

This blog was created mostly as a personal project for myself to have a place to put down everything that’s in my head, without thinking too much. I want to loosen up the attitude about having to be perfect on social media – this is a creative journal, my own spot to share inspiration, without any restricting rules (such as a perfect looking insta-feed type of thing).

I come here to dump my overflowing thoughts in any shape, form or language. Expect things to be unfinished, messy, long, short, structured, inspiring, deep, boring, clever, stupid, visually pleasing, ugly and everything in between.
To sum it up, I have an urge to express myself. So I decided to become a weirdo more openly – with the hope of maybe sparking something in someone, brighten a day, give an idea. Thanks for stopping by!

love, Laura