The life of an indecisive procrastinator

What I’m like (VERY annoying):

*Trying to decide where to go to write this post because an inspiring environment is important.*

*Looks at coffee places for an hour*

*Finally decides*

*Takes ages to get ready*

*Takes ages to get there*

*Can't decide what to get*

*Gets iced latte but is disappointed because no one ever has almond milk*

*Gets disappointed because they put an iced drink in a take-away paper cup*

*Gets distracted by cool things in the inspiring environment*

*Mind starts wandering to procrastination land*

*Writes two sentences, then leaves because it's way past dinner time and the sun is setting*

Sometimes the biggest debates in my head are over the tiniest things. I try to collect and create perfect moments and then end up visualising and overthinking how everything will go and it makes me soooo slow.

Don’t leave me alone with my small decisions. 😀


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